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All Traumas Are Stored In Your Subconscious Mind

Your mind is amazing.

It stores huge amounts of information about your life in your subconscious mind

so you can make thousands of choices without thinking, with no effort at all.




it also stores some information that isn’t useful, or in alignment with your desires,

and it guides your daily actions.


And it all began in your childhood



it is possible to change the information that’s stored in your subconscious.


RTT gives you

the tools to access that information in your subconscious.

And it opens the door to your deepest self, that self that knows all about You.


Small "t" trauma

We can be wounded just by bad things happening to us,

either in our childhood or later in our adult life. 

When we are  young, we can be wounded and have small "t" trauma

even in a loving family if we don't get our needs met.


Every child has a need to feel:

• Loved

• Safe

• Connected

• Significant

• Celebrated

• That someone is proud of them

Beliefs are always about how we interpret the situation.

People interpret situations in different ways.

"Trauma is not what happened to us, it is what happens inside of us because of what happened to us."


GOOD NEWS, because if you once had the power to create limiting beliefs, 

beliefs that does not serve you anymore ,

you also have the power to change that belief into a better one

However, the change can be difficult to make on your own and without the right tools.

In hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind

and there you can find your whole history and find the root cause of your issue.

With RTT tools I can guide you to understanding and deep healing.


“It was a very interesting experience and I have grown from  it.” - Camilla, Finland

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