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About Marja Elina


I worked for years as a nurse in operation theatres but then I was driven into the medical business world, where I worked for decades for the world’s biggest medical companies. I travelled around the world and I had such a great life, but something had to change…


So I went in search of the solution. I studied the human mind, started to meditate, I learned about mindfulness and energy healing and many other healing methods.

I had a great life

but something was missing .

I was not happy.

I was so excited to learn how amazingly powerful the human mind is.

I just couldn’t understand therapies that went on and on for years.

When people are in emotional pain they need help now, not in 3 or 5 years time.

RTT appeared as the solution.

RTT was helping people overcome a wide range of issues rapidly and permanently. In just a few sessions! I was totally blown away and decided to study and become an RTT Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Now, as a therapist I am finally following my passion. Every transformation is unique. Every woman so special and unique. Underneath our baggage there is always a shining diamond: You, the Real You, and You should be able to sparkle and shine. My therapy is all about YOU, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. 


In my own life I’ve had personal experience with stress, bullying, narcissism, infertility, adoption, gender issues, addictions, weight problems, anxiety, loss and trauma.

Oh Boy.... But I have been able to resolve these once challenging moments and turn them into a wisdom. And now I have the tools to help you create your dream life by letting go of the extra baggage, beliefs and thoughts that don´t serve you anymore .

Beautiful Woman, let´s uncover Your shine and find Your happiness

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