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Helping Women
To Reconnect With Their 
Self- Confidence
Passion and Joy

Find your Happiness
Balance and Peace Through Deep Healing!

Results-focused, unique, hybrid therapy

 towards a better, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Have you been wanting to change

but nothing you try seems to help?

Do you feel depressed and down?

Does it feel like nothing will ever change?


Are you ready to transform?

“Marja is a warm-hearted, talented therapist, who knows exactly how to fix issues quickly.” -    Jenny, Switzerland


  You might feel...

Like something is missing

  • Sad

  • Numb

  • Unappreciated

  • Misunderstood

  • Losing yourself in food and unhealthy habits

  • Like no amount of reading or self-development can fix you

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 1.29.54 PM.png
  • Tired

  • Stuck

  • Procrastinating 

  • Not reaching your goals                   

  • Disconnected and lonely

  • Guilty

  • Angry, frustrated, bitter 

And there’s no way out...

This can cause you to feel like a failure. Which of course, you are not.


that are keeping your happiness out of reach.

How would you feel.... if you could overcome your issues?

She transported me to a loving protecting zone.” Camilla, Finland

  Trauma behind your issues?

Trauma can be big or small.

 Big trauma comes from war, sexual abuse, a death; something deeply disturbing.

Small trauma can occur when you face any type of difficult situation.


You can get a trauma from not getting your needs met during your  childhood.

These traumas can leave you with unresolved feelings and pain that stay with you

unless you heal the emotional wound that caused it.

(read more)


We have been led to believe that these small traumas don’t exist or that they don’t really matter… But They Do!

Your emotional healing begins when you find the root cause of your emotional pain.


That can be tricky, because often the root cause can’t be found just by using your conscious (i.e. analytical, thinking) mind.

The root cause can be found and healed through




"And that´s what my work is all about."


"When your trauma is healed, you will be reconnected with that  natural sense of happiness and peace you seek,

reconnecting you back to who you truly are."

What is 
® Rapid Transformational Therapy?


RTT® is a globally known, award winning therapy developed by Marisa Peer.

RTT® is based on science:



Psychotherapy (talk therapy)

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 

CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy)




[read more]

In your RTT​® session...

We will explore together in a relaxed hypnotic state: 


How have your past experiences caused your unwanted behaviours and feelings? 

                Why are these past experiences still negatively affecting your life?                            

Understanding the connection between

your issues and your past experiences is the key.

After that you are able to let go of your unwanted baggage

and you are ready to make a change. 

Now you are ready to plant new beliefs.

Beliefs that serve you better so that you can experience

a happier, more fulfilling life, freedom and happiness.

With the help of RTT you can free yourself from your issues in just a few sessions.

Results Are My Priority

So in your session we will.....

1: First find out the root cause of your issue.

2: Activate a powerful state of healing and understanding

3: Wire in the results you want to see in your life

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"I could step back from events that happened in my life. Like a watcher of my own life .It was important to get some things of my chest which I didn't realise where here. And again, that needs the help of a caring and kind person.”

- Camilla, Finland

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When you Release Your Trauma You Can Experience

     Self-love and kindness towards yourself. 


Freedom, happiness and inner peace. 

     Deep connection and love with family, friends, nature and all that is.


     The passion to achieve your goals.  


     The worthiness to receive love and abundance. 


     The ability to set your boundaries.


The strength to give up unhealthy habits. 


This type of transformation is called

Post Traumatic Growth!


“You are rich, when you are content and happy

with who you are.”

"I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to have this fascinating experience"

 Camilla, 35, Fitness Coach, Finland

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